Complete newbie. I have just purchased new pc with Fedora Core 2 preinstalled. Everything OK until I decided to download 76 Up2date files off net. Following messages received.

Unable to proceed becuse could not access command promt. Booted SuSe CD which gave access to log file in /var/log

Messages file showed:
messagebus: starting succeeded
mdmonitor: mdadm starting succeeded
mdmpd: mdmpd failed
init: open (/dev/pts/0): no such file or directory
init: open (/dev/pts/0): no such file or directory
kernal: mtrr:0xd 8000000, 0x2000000 overlaps existing oxd 8000000, 0xd8000000
gdm [2144]: gdm_slave_xio error_handler: fatal x error - restarting: 0

above line is then repeated over and over again.

Xorg.0.log file showed:
failed to set up write-combing range (0xd 8000000, 0x2000000).

I hope someone will be able to help me sort the problem.