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Full Version: Complete Noob Here, Simple Question
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Hey, I am trying to install Linux onto a very old computer, I have downloaded Basic Linux, but I do not understand these directions to make the floppy:

Floppy 1 is more complicated -- a simple copy is not enough. You have to
write the raw image (disk1.img) to the floppy.

In Linux, this is done with the dd command:
dd if=disk1.img of=/dev/fd0

In DOS, you use rawrite.exe or fdimage.exe to write raw images.
The BL3 zip file includes fdimage.exe. Here is the command:
fdimage disk1.img a:

So.. what do I exactly do? Do I put fdimage onto the First Floppy? or disk1.img? Or what? I'm very confused as I have never done anything like this before. Any help would be much appreciated.
Anyone, anyone?
fdimage and rawrite create a bootable floppy disk using the file disk1.img. Anything on the floppy disk will be overwritten by the program. I have only used rawrite but I assume that fdimage is the same. You can not run these utilities from windows. If running windows i.e. XP, W2000 uses rawritewin instead. If running windows 9x then shutdown to DOS mode.

Copy the files to some directory of your choosing for example c:temp. Then run the the command:
cd c:temp (if not already there)
rawrite disk1.img

The default is the a: drive.

The same goes for fdimage i.e. if the files are saved to c:temp then you would type in at the command prompt:
cd c:temp (if not already there)
fdimage disk1.img a:
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