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Full Version: Zip 100 Internal Iomega
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Hi all,

I just installed the suse 9.1 distro and couldn't see the icon of my iomega ZIP100
on the desktop

I just left the suse 9.0 where my Zip was mounted automatically

so I will have to do it by hand

how do I start please ?

I copied a resume of the Yast hardware information where I can see my drive has been detected
The first thing you need to do is add entry for you /etc/fstab

In order to do that you really need to know what your address is. It goes like this, anything on the IDE cables is at /dev/hd_ it goes in order from master slave primary to secondary, so the master on the primary cable is hda and the slave on the secondary is hdd. Than just add an entry to your fstab file that looks something like this.

/dev/hdd1     /mnt/zip    auto    noatime,users,umask=000      0  0

Make sure you create the directory you want to mount it to. Than from there you can make a short cut on your desk top manually. Hope that works for you, obviously you need to adjust the drive address to reflect where you have your zip drive.
Check the output of the dmesg command to see if it is recognizing the drive and what device it is assigning. Futhermore, an originally formated zip disk uses partition 4.

/dev/sda4 /media/zip vfat noauto,umask=000,noatime 0 0
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