I have a fresh install of Red Hat 7.2 Kernel 2.4.7-10 (as well as very little knowledge of the linux OS).

I'm trying to install xcdroast and I'm encountering a host of errors.

Currentlythere is not an rpm package for 7.2 so I downloaded and gunzipped/untared the source.

I ran a ./configure then a make and make install.

When I attempt to run the program without any options I get the following message:
** WARNING ** Invalid cdrecord version 1.10 found Expecting at least version 1.11a34.

when I try to start the program with -n option I get this error:

**WARNING** Failed to access mkisofs. Please check the permissions and ownership of /usr/local/bin/mkisofs.

I did a whereis mkisofs and copied the file from /usr/bin/mkisofs to /usr/local/bin/mkisofs but this did not help.

If there is any help you can offer I would appreciate it.