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Full Version: Dual Boot Problem
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I have successfully used dual boot configurations before. I just purchased a CPU pre-configured with WinXP pro installed. The CPU has two hardrives in a striped 2+0 configuration, 64bit AMD processor, 1.0gig RAM. I installed another hardrive for my Linux OS. Booted from the CD and began the installation.

The Yast installer recognized the hardrive that I added, but did not recognize the existing WinXP OS. I aborted the install because the GRUB bootloader only gave me the option of booting to Linux.

Does anyone have a suggestion?
Yeah there are few other workarounds i would suggest.

1.Install grub for now and you can later edit the file grub.conf manually so that your windows installation is listed there.For editing the grub,you will have to make a chainloader entry pointing to the windows installation.check out....
info grub for more details.

2.the second method could be,use windows boot loader to boot in to linux.For that while installing Linux create a boot floppy for linux.And install the bootloader in the boot partition of your installation.And comlete the installation.After that boot with boot disk.And do the following changes.Checkout this link for further details.
Thank you for the response. But, I did not get my problem stated clearly. I said it did not see my WinXP OS. The SuSe installer does not recognize my Raid drives at all. I installed SuSe 64 bit version, and I performed an online update which required re-booting. All of that went well. Linux still did not recognize my raid drives. On further restarts, the computer just reboots to WinXP. I think that is purely a boot disk order in the BIOS.

I am I missing the proper support for the raid on my motherboard?

Are you installing your Linux system to a drive that is on the RAID channel? Because if you are, thats probably the root of alot of the problem. My suggestion is to move your storage drives to the RAID and put you XP on the master and linux on the slave of your primary IDE channels. That should help out alot.

You are going to have to install module support for you RAID system, but that can be done ounce you have the system up and running.

Just for reference, is it onboard raid or PCI?
The raid is onboard, not PCI. The computer came with the raid config with WinXP installed on them. The harddrive I added for my Linux is installed on the Primary IDE channel. I guessed I would need some sort of "raid module". I was just hoping that a new distro would have that module included. I haven't used Linux with any kind of raid before.

If my only option is to reconfigure the hardware and nix the raid, then I guess I will do it. But, I am not going to rush into that.

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