hi, i have been slowly learning linux, and then my favorite MUD crashed. We can't find a suitable server, so I was going to use my PC. I run XP. I have all the MUD files on my PC, and waiting to go, but they need linux to run. I use the knoppix bootable CD to get into linux. I placed the files on my 100MB zip disk, as it is FAT and I know knoppix can't write to NTFS. So, I made, everything read, write, and execute, and then mounted the zip drive. I entered as root, and made sure I had a passwd. I then tried to run the files I needed. I needed to run "configure" then change directories down, and "make clean" then "make all", then go back up one directory, and "autorun". The ./configure brings the response :bad interpreter: No such file or directory I can run sh ./configure and that runs, but I get errors such as:

:command not found:
:command not found:
:command not found4:
:command not found8:
:command not found5:
'/configure: line58: syntax error near unexpected token 'do
'/configure: line58: 'do

the make clean, and make all seem to run fine. then the ./autorun brings up:

:bad interpreter: No such file or directory

I dont understand what my problem is. I tried running basically the same format of things under PHLAK but I get the same errors. Can anyone tell by the error if it is coming from my files, or my Linux? Any help would be appreciated.