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Full Version: Storage Media Mounting
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I have a Compaq 5220 desktop. When I give the command "mount /dev/fd0" it fails and returns the message "/dev/fd0 Read-only". The same thing happens for "mount /dev/fd0H1440. However, if I use "mount /dev/hdd" the diskette mounts and I have read and write access. How can I mount /dev/fd0 or /dev/fd0H1440 with the same access as /dev/hdd? This is an issue because diskette utilities such as "fdformat" will not work on /dev/hdd.

Update 01/31/2003
The drive I have is a SuperDrive also known as a ls120. It is called a floptical unit. It stores informaiton on magnetic media, but has an optical tracking system to move the heads with more accuratcy than the traditional system. It will work with a 120mb diskette (hense ls120) and a 1.44 mb diskette. Linux assigns /dev/hdd which is the correct logical assignment. And, Linux creates the correct mount point (/mnt/ls120.0). A diskette can be formatted using "mke2fs -c /dev/hdd". A boot diskette can be created using "dd if=vnlinuz of=/dev/hdd".

I have yet to establish if this drive can be used to create a bootable diskette to use in a Linux distribution install from hard disk using the kwickstart configuration file.
Check your motherboard BIOS to see if it can boot from a LS120. If so then you are set.
try mount /mnt/ls120.0
Thanks for your responses.

It will mount as /mnt/ls20.0. Also, I can boot from it. I can create a boot diskette using 'dd'. I can format a diskette using 'mkfs'. I used it this weekend to install RedHat 8.0 (from 7.3). Works great. Consider this issue resolved.
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