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I'm a complete newbie to linux and I was hoping somebody could help me to figure out how to download files onto my system (i.e. AOL Instant Messenger). Any help is greatly appreciated.

The AOL instant Mes. will not work in Linux , it was written for windows . I use MDK 10.0 Community and noticed a package on the disks that works as AOL Mess. If you don't have it on your disks a little searching on google will help you out , being new to Linux I would suggest using urpmi to install any packages on your system . Maybe someone else can give you better sites / reference places to go for info on using it and adding other sites for packages . This howto has a lot of jargon , but go down to where you see the MDK part print this out it's easy after the first time or two . This is doing it all from the Terminal which might be a little scary .

HOWTO -Install software -Linux

Coming from Windows myself , I like using the GUI , Here's a snip from an old Email that could help you some .

They are on the Mandrake update mirrors, but will not be installed
automatically by Mandrake Update.

To install the latest packages first run Mandrake Update

If this is the first time you have run it, it will ask you to select an
mirror from a list.

MandrakeUpdate will show you a list of available updates.
You should install at least the security alerts.
Running Mandrake Update will refresh your computers local copy of
available packages .

Now go to the Mandrake Install GUI at
and search through there for anypackages you might want .

Hope this helps , everytime I tried to do something new in Linux I ended up learning 3 other things first . It was very frustrating , but now it's starting to pay off . Am I happy with Linux ... H*LL yes !!! Stay with it , after 6 weeks of REALLY playing with it , you'll love it also .

Linux ( 6 months )
Dual boot Linux/XP
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