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Full Version: Hard Drive Error?
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i have 8GB harddrive.I setup 35% primary partition and 15% for extended partition and the remaining 50% of 8GB are allocated towards free space.I boot up mandrake linux 10.0 from CD-Rom and after setting custom partition for boot,root,swap and home when i click done then writing disk failure error comes on my screen.sometimes thismessage comes I can't find any room for installing.i want to use both win Xp and mandrake on same hard drive. please help me out whay this occurs?sad.gif
khurram Ahmed
If I understand you correctly 8GB HDD and all is formatted for XP . MDK 10.0 will try and resize your HDD to allow for installation of Linux . IMHO with only an 8GB HDD , I would suggest buying another HDD from a friend or local Computer store . My biggest reason for this is running XP in say a 4GB partition will fill up fast , my windows folder alone is almost 2GB .( I run XP also . ) I think I read somewhere that MDK 10.0 would load into a 3GB partition , swap and all , but I can't swear to that . You would be happier with a 15GB HDD , 10GB for XP and 5GB for Linux . I know that's not what you wanted to hear but I hope it helps .
Way back when hard drives first showed up in PCs the maxium number of partitions was 4. As hard drives grew in size this limit became a bottleneck. So the extended, logical scheme was created to one can create more then 4 partitions on a drive. The original 4 partitions are now called primary partitions and have a device ID of 1-4. One the primary partitions can be designated as an extended partition. An extended partition is a container for logical partitions. A logical partiton has a device ID of >=5.

If the installer is trying to create 4 partitions using the free space then it will fail because you can only create 2 primary partitions. If the install was trying to create partitions in the extended then it might fail because of which mount points were assigned to the drives.

What is in the extended partition? Is it a windows drive? If there isn't any logical drives in the extended partition I would delete it. The installer will create an extended partition using the rest of the drive and create partitions. With a small drive just stick to the /boot, root, swap. With a custom install you can select each individual package and thus be able to reduce the amount of disk space required.
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