I've got a serious problem when i try to mount a directory from a client node into my computer. When i do:

mount tranqui3:/home/fdelpin /home/fdelpin/TRANQUI3/

I get the message:

mount: RPC: Program not registered

Ive got the deamons rpc.nfsd and rpc.mountd running and the portmapper is running as well. My computer has SuSe 9.1 running. The client computer has SuSe 9.1 as well but there is no problem in that computer when i try to mount a directory via NFS.
Any idea of what it could be happening?
Im trying to build a diskless Beowulf cluster of 4 nodes. Ive got the nodes up and running, they boot using the network, get their IPs and run the kernel. Now i need them to mount the root file system and im stack trying to mount a simple directory. Not good!