I have a linux server loaded with Red Hat 9.0 kernel version: 2.4.28-8bigmem and I have another server loaded with the same operating system.

Lets call one server A and the other B.

Server A has a number of terminal clients attached to it and server B acts as our firewall and proxy server. Server B has three IP addresses assigned to it, the first bound to NIC1 allows it to communicate with server A and the rest of the internal network; the second bound to NIC2 allows it to communicate to an ADSL router and dial up to the Internet. Server B will then be assigned a third IP dynamically.

Any Internet calls from server A including external mail delivery is sent from server A through B. That works fine.

However, at times when there is about 50 percent load on server A, printing from any terminal to printer can take about 30 seconds just to start and the systems can slow to a halt. The only resolution thus far has been to stop or perhaps restart the sendmail and named services and everything goes fine again.

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong?