HEy all im sorta new to this in that i dont know everything but i know the basics. Ok now wen i try to install RH8 on a old compaq server its says i dont have enough memory to install RH8, now the server has 128m but RH is only registering 16, thats kewl use the mem=128m option. Sweet i think i got it sussed. But no it then comes up with an error:

VFS unable to mont root fs on 09:02

Now was reading on the net and some ppl are saying maybe memory probs so i get software called memtest86 and have a go with that. I start it and goto to bed. 7.5 hours later its stilling running but hasen't picked up any errors. Hmm is this normal is it meant to run this long or is their a prob.

I also have a second scsi drive for this so i install win2k adv server and it runs perfectly. Normally its linux running perfectly and 2k shitting itself.

Im stuck PLS HELP.