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Full Version: Webserver Not Working
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OK! sounds silly i'm sure... (why dont you have a UPS)... well! couldn't decide if i needed a UPS, or more lumber to cover the windows during the hurricane (in florida)... so i had a momentary power failure that caused the computer to shutoff, then reboot when power came back on. Since then, I lost all webserver (maybe more) features. I cannot connect to my website or pc. My router, and modem were correctly reset, and still nothing. I'm wondering now if it has something to do with any start-up scripts that I have no idea about. If someone can help me, I'd appreciate it.

Venom... blink.gif
Do you have physical access to your web server? What happens when you reboot it, any errors etc? Can you manually restart apache/httpd once the machine reboots?
Yeah! its Biz as usual if I reboot... i can do everything, except web stuff? not sure what logs i need to look at to find "required" information to help me help you help me? blink.gif anyway! i'm pretty sure doing a localhost does nothing... when I get home i'll check again. Also unable to VNC into it... related I'm sure, but i have no clue..

OK! I found part of the problem. During a powerfail/auto reboot, the system (hardware) loses the network connection. I re-enabled the network adapter (built-in) and it booted up and worked fine. Now after another powerfail, I tried the same thing; resetting the network interface... Does nothing? any ideas. I'm going to have the wife reset the network switch, and the hub... does anyone think this could cause a problem, since it does access the internet fine?

Ok... next thing I just tried didnt work either. I reset all hardware components (Modem, Switch, and Hub)... all lights are normal, and accessing the internet is normal again. Webserver still doesn't work, and during boot sequence, I do not get any errors? Any ideas?

Thanks, in advance...
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