Hi, I have a Packard Bell EasyNote C3 260EDW laptop computer. I know it uses a SiS 740 video adaptor, but i can't seems to find it on redhat 9 CD and worst of all, i don't know which "monitor" to use in the setup.

I have completed the installation but once i boot up, it can't seems to display (some strange numbers and description keeps on scrolling onthe screen non stop).

now my questions are
1) how can i get it to display properly
2) how do i change the settings of video card without having to reinstall linux. i chose to boot to linux on LILO but it goes straight to this problem once finish checking everything. Is there a way to boot to text and change the settings? where about to change the settings?

more detailed spec of thislaptop is here http://www.packardbell.com.my/product/prod...D=40&SpecID=353.