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Full Version: Installation Disks Can't Even Turn On Monitor
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Hi all. Over a year ago I installed Mandrake on my old Compaq Presario, with a Viewsonic G773 monitor. However, I haven't used it since, and I've forgotten the root password. Now I want to revive it as a server.

I'd be happy to simply reformat the drive and reinstall Linux, or follow instructions elsewhere for changing the root password, but both seem to require booting from a CD-ROM. For some reason, I can't get any installation disk (Suse, Mandrake, Red Hat) or boot version (Knoppix) to turn on my monitor.

I insert the CD-ROM and boot, and the drive spins for a while, sounds like it's doing work. But the monitor just stays in standby. I have a feeling the computer is booted, since when I hit space the CD-ROM spins some more.

When I boot Mandrake off the hard drive (the version I can't use b/c I forgot the root pw), it also takes quite a bit of spinning before it activates the monitor.

Many thanks for any ideas...
When you boot the PC you should see the POST display. You might have a video card or monitor problem. If you swap monitors and the problem follows then suspect the monitor. If the problem is still present the suspect the video card.
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