I'm running a nearly fully configured Gentoo Linux, but I have a couple of problems. First of all, I installed Gentoo and worked for a while as root, but I eventually made a new user because everyone told me that working as root is a terrible idea. So I logged in as my new user and typed "startx." As root, KDE would load, but now, all I get is Xorg.

So I'm posting this as root right now.

My second problem is that after I got ALSA working, my sound sucks. Even MIDI (which isn't technically audio) clips. It clips even worse when I move windows or even wiggle my mouse. I'm configured with snd-intel8x0, if it matters.

Oh, and thirdly, I couldn't play any games as root (nothing happens when I try to open them), but I think that was because I was root and not a user.

Anyone want to help me out? We can kill three birds with one stone.