I've got RHEL v 3 running on multiple machines. All of them are set to update themselves (using up2date) via cron jobs. Just recently, on a few of the machines I've run out of room in the /usr directory. Because of this up2date says there isn't enough room to install the updates. I still have about 500 MB left on the partitions that don't have enough room, but I guess that's not enough. I've tried calling up2date with the --tmpdir flag but when it goes to install it still gives me the not enough room error. I've also tried removing old kernel versions but that just frees up space on the /boot partition. I was wondering if there is a good source for figuring out what everying in the in /usr partiontion does. I need to trim /usr but I know a fairly big portion of the operating system rests there so I don't want to just start hacking away at it. Does anyone have any ideas or sources that might help me determine what should stay and what should go? Thanks so much.