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Full Version: Boot From Boot Disk Failed
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have installed redhat 9.0 on a second hard drive and created a bootdisk to boot from as the other drive has windows. I have used this strategy in the past for versions 6, 7.2 and 8.0, but now whenever I try to boot I get the boot prompt then a message a few seconds later 'boot failed' and please install another disk. when I installed the program I had to try a couple of times before it would make a bootdisk. is there something wrong with the disk (i checked the boot disk and the necessary files seem to be there) or is this something in the redhat 9.0
Its probably one of two things. Either your disk is bad, or your not pointing at the right images.

Is there a reason why you don't want to use a bootloader like grub to control which system you boot to because that would be my recomendation, even if it does seem like its dodging the problem.

If you put in your first iso CD for Red Hat and type rescue at the promt you will get options for restoring the bootloader, you should be able to create a boot disk to, let me go check, but it should work.
have had problems in the past with installing bootloaders in the MBR and making it run with the windows (end up not beinb able to boot anything). is there a way to do this without messing up the windows (i use ME). regardless, i still need the boot disk as a back up.
you can make a separate /boot partition and install GRUB in there ("Install GRUB in the first sector of boot partition" should be available in the "Advanced Bootloader Options" when you install Red Hat)

just make sure that your /boot partition is the only active in your system;

as for the boot disk not booting, your PC may not be set up to boot from a CD-ROM drive (I am assuming that you are trying to create a boot CD, right?); check your BIOS settings;

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