I have a interesting problem with email.

We have three servers. For this I will call them server A, B and Mail Server.

A and B are both Windows 2000 servers running Windows 2000 Terminal Services.

Server A is our old server that has been replaced by B.

We can receive any size emails and any number of emails from the Mail Server from Server A. It works quick with no problems.

Server B will get most emails. Sometimes it will start then time out half way through. Other times it will time out right at the start before even downloading any emails.

I tested some local workstations by setting up test accounts. No workstation can receive large emails either. Only server A can.

I can not see any settings that would prevent other computers from being able to receive emails.

I can telnet to port 110 from any computer. I can receive small emails on any computer.

The 3 servers are connected into the same switch using Cat5e.

The New server has dual Intel gigabit lan cards
The old server has dual 10/100 intel lan cards

The mail server is running Red Hat 8 with Send Mail.

The clients are using Outlook Express and Outlook. Both fail the same.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as no one I have spoken to so far has any idea what is going on.

Thanks all.