I'm not quite sure where the problem is in my setup, but maybe if someone can help me with that I can find the rest out through a google search. I'm using Mandrake 10.0 on a P-II 400 MHz with on-board S-Video out. The chip on the board says it is an ATI 3D Rage Pro (AGP 2x), Mandrake sees it as an ATI Mach64 Chip. It works fine on my monitor, but the TV behaves strangely. In command line, both the TV and monitor show the same display. During installation, startup, and shutdown both the TV and monitor show the same thing. During the GUI (both Gnome and KDE) the monitor shows everything but the tv shows a red screen (blue is the default for no input). The TV is a Magnavox Flat Screen CRT. Obviously i would like to be able to use the tv to view movies and such from the GUI. Does anyone know whats wrong or what i didn't set up correctly? Thanks in advance for the help.