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Full Version: Formatting And Reinstallation Of Linux 7.1
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I am a starter with Linux and wanted to learn more about it as few of the computers at my work place run on Linux. One of the computer which is not on the network runs on Linux 7.1 as the only one OS. I want to format that Linux box and reinstall Linux 7.1, so that I will learn right from the scratch of how to install and then want to get along with it. I can log into that computer as the root but unable to format and reinstall. Need help in this regard.

I learned from Jim that I can use a live CD from knoppix to erase and clean my drives. Can someone explain me in detail about this procedure?

Its really pretty simple actually. Read my guide on creating a linux drive if you already haven't [link]

I know that isn't as detailed as you want, so here is a sort of step by step.

What you need to do is boot up knoppix and get a command line terminal. Type the command su at the promt so that you have root privilage. Now the program your going to use to erase everything is called fdisk and just launches with its name followed by the drive you want to edit, so say fdisk /dev/hda to edit the primary drive.. Its a command line program so you don't have buttons to push, but its pretty easy.

If all you want to do is delete the existing partitions, press p to print it out, make a mental note of what partitions there are (hda1 hda2 that sort of stuff) than press d to delete and the number. Ounce you have deleted them all, you can press p to print out nothing and than w to write the edited table.

If you are planning on doing a fresh install of say, Fedora or Mandrake, durring the installation processes, when they ask you how you want to partition the disk, you can tell it to erase old data. So doing it manually via fdisk isn't really needed. If what you are really looking to do, is clean the data for security reasons, say that, because you need to do some different things.

That will delete the partition table, and when you install the distro you will be able to create the new partition table and format the drives. Hope that helped, if you have any more questions, just ask.
Thanks Jim...

After I detele the partitions and restart the computer, I got an error message saying
"Kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on 03:08"
Iam unable to reinstall using either bootable cd or floppy disk and its not letting me to do anything other than rebooting and giving and me the same error message.

Any suggestions please...

Is your BIOS configured to boot from CD first?
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