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Full Version: Failed Boot Loader For Duel Boot With Xp
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I installed Madrake 9.2 along side XP (on different hard drives) and followed the install prtocols for doing so. But I was given no info about the boot loader. Assumed it was automatic, but on reboot I got a message: L 07 07 07 07 ... and no bootloader or anything. Compter froze. Wasn't given the option to create a boot disk either. Does this mean I 've got a dud? Thought that didn't happen with Linux! Any way round it apart from re-scripting the windows boot loader? Cheers for any help!
No, the boot loader installed, thats lilo, just something got screwed up with it.

What lilo does is display its name one letter at a time to indicate what stage of boot up its in. So since it stoped after the first letter, that means it was un able to load the secondary stage boot loader, the 07 means its didn't initialize the disk controller correctly. I asume you tried to boot it up more than ounce?

Put in the first CD of your Mandrake ISOs and type rescue at the prompt, somewhere in there, I can't exactly remember, there is an option for re-installing the bootloader. If you can't find it, come back and I will try to point you in a more exact direction.

Make sure you re-install Lilo (or grub if you get a chance) to the MBR of your primary hard drive. Hopefully that should work for you.
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