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Full Version: Nvidia Gentoo And Xorg Walk Into A Bar....
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Actually, the joke is, these three would never be seen walking into a bar because they don't work well together.

In case you haven't figured it out, I am having a little bit of trouble getting the nvidia module to load in my new Gentoo system. I upgraded to 2004.2, which was a huge mistake, because 2004.1 worked so well. Anways, I can't get the nvidia module to load, so thus I can't run my dual monitors.

This wouldn't be an issue if I didn't want both monitors working since nv is working fine as my driver right now. Anyways, here is the story so far. says all you have to do is emerge nvidia-glx and the module should load. I can emerge nvidia-glx with out a problem (at least that I can see) but I can't modprobe the mopdule. I get a not found error.

Last time I couldn't even get it to emerge with out erroring out, but this time thats not the issue. I went through and did all the stuff I did with 2004.1 that Hughes told me to do [link] but I can't get it to load. I uninstalled it, re-emerged it, all sorts of wierd stuff. I am going to go try a hard install from nvidia's web sight right now, but I just thought I would get this up there so I could get it answered quicker. Thanks.
Well that was painless. I would delete the topic except that somebody else is bound to run into this problem.

If you install Gentoo 2004.2 with the 2.6 kernel, just download and install the NVIDIA module from you will be much happier.
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