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Larry P
I have Redhat 7.2 Linux and Windows 98 set up as a dual boot in the following order on the HD: Windows C: 5 gb, Linux 10 gb, Windows D: 15 gb. I did it this way because of the cylinder limit for being able to boot from a boot manager at that time. I've read that the latest releases no longer have this limit so what I'd like to do when I upgrade is change the order to: Windows C: 5 gb, Windows D: 10 gb, Linux 15 gb. I wouldn't be resizing any partitions, just rearranging where I put things. My question is can I do this with a good chance of not destroying my Windows C: data (I've just recently started making a real effort to learn Linux so there's nothing on that area I'm concerned with losing at this time and I can move the D: data before starting) and how would I go about it? Thanks.
IHere are several methods

Its not necessary to delete and recreate partitions since you are not changing the size.

Method 1) Moving linux to 15GB partition
Backup important data on the d: drive and anything in linux just as a precaution. Reformat the 15GB partition to what ever you linux filesystem you want. Copy from the 10GB to the 15GB. Modify your /etc/fstab to change / to the new partition. You will also need to modify the bootloader to do the same. Reboot to linux Reformat the old linux partition to FAT32 and format. Reboot to 98 and restore data to the new d: drive

Method 2) Reinstall with new version
Same as before backup your d: drive. Use the expert mode and select the d: drive partition to install linux to. Once rebooted to linux reformat the old linux partition to a FAT32 and restore data.

Method 3)
If you can get a copy of Partition Magic then you can just resize the windows D: drive to 10GB and the linux to 15GB without losing data.

Therre are several linux programs for resizing. fips and parted. fips is DOS base but don't know if it will work in this case. parted is a linux program.

Always backup important data.
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