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Full Version: Building A Linux Monster
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I got the notion to build a cheap computer and run Knoppix off of it. I was going to get a Pentium II or III processor. And that's about all I know. I was wondering if anyone could suggest certain brands to get or not get. I still need to get a sound card, a video card, and I guess a motherboard too. I haven't got the Pentium yet so if someone likes AMD better tell me. Mostly I just want to make the best system I can for Knoppix 3.3 or better. Thanks.
Ok, I am sorry to say, that this seems to me to be the most pointless thing ever. Why would you build a custom dedicated box to run a temporary OS? Why not just buck up the extra 20 bucks to get a hard drive and install a permanent version of linux? Your going to much much much happier, you are going to be able to save your files, customize it the way you like it, and if the power goes out, your system wont be a total loss.

Don't get me wrong, the idea of building a custom PC for linux isn't bad at all, but building a custom pc for knoppix totally misses the point of knoppix. The point of knoppix is to be able to go to your friends house and not deal with windows without screwing his computer, or be able to fix your linux system when it wont boot.

If you want to build a linux box, I recomend avoiding via chipsets or any off the generic chip sets. Stay with NVIDIA or Intel, they tend to have the least issues. Other than that, it doesn't really matter, linux can be made to run on anything.

If you can afford it, get at least a 2.0 gHz processor, 256 MB of RAM and 15 Gigs of Hard Drive space. Other than that, it doesn't even matter, and to be honest, you can get linux to run on a 233 mHz 64MB system with a gig of HD space, just more is better.

Go read the guides forum for ideas on choosing a distro and designing a system.
Thanks for the advice. I didn't start it yet like I said and I'm glad I didn't. I guess I didn't really think it through too good. I still want to build a Linux computer but I'll go ahead and get a different Linux OS for it and get a hard drive. Thanks once again Jim. You probably saved me a lot of time and hassle.
Perhaps this guide will help? *nudge*

Otherwise, if you really want to get a super cheap one, just pick up a 400mhz, 8-10gig HDD, 128mb ram system from (probally will run you $40 - $60 not including shipping). Then pick up a decent video card (Voodoo 3 16mb PCI?)
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