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Full Version: Help Installing Jvm Please
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I have installed Redhat 7.1 on my mum's old (not so excellent) computer - she wantsa peer-to-peer filesharing program, so i'm going to install limewire. I went to and downloaded JRE, followed the instructions, and yet LimeWire still won't install and i can't view applets on webpages sad.gif

(note: I'm a linux newbie, but quite experienced in windows )
did you put the path to your jre to the system path?
how do i do that? i don't think i did, i mean, obviously i haven't tongue.gif
test it this way:
to add the jvm to your path type the following:

PATH=$PATH;<path to your jvm installation>
export PATH

then try to see if you can run java commands without
being in the java install directory

for example change directorys to your /tmp folder
and then type java --version

see if anything shows up...should give you java
version number and a few other things

the only thing is that when you reboot...
the path to your java install wont be you have
to add it to your profiles file in the /etc directory...
i believe that is what the file name is.....
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