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I have a strange problem. On three seperate ocasions and on three seperate sytems I have had various files missing and am not sure what's causing it. I'm assuming that it's self-induced since I can't seem to find anyone else reporting the same problem. Here's the story:

Several months ago my RedHat 9 system stopped working properly. Upon investigation, I found that my most of my DNS zone files were gone, my squirrelmail user pref files were gone, various web pages were missing, and my mySQL databases were gone. Since I wasn't sure what else could be missing, I rebuilt the system from scratch using Fedora Core 2. Two weeks ago, the same thing happened on this system. Not the exact same files but from the same locations. This time, my cable modem happened to be down so I'm sure that it wasn't a hacker. Just to be sure, I ran a couple of scripts I found that look for root kits. It came up clean.

About a month ago, this happened to a friend's Fedora Core 2 system. One that I built for him. This tells me that it's not my hardware.

As far as I can tell, when it happens, it's happening around 1:26 or so in the morning (at least, that's the timestamp on the affected directories). I've looked around for cron jobs, etc that are automated and can't find anything that runs at this time. In fact, the cron jobs between the systems aren't even the same.

At this point, I'm lost. Not sure what else to look for. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone heard of this happening before?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Curious... have you check any other logs for a clue.
Yes, I've grepped through every log that I could find for "Aug 14 01:2" (which is about when it happened) and found nothing. I looked through messages, cron, etc. for anything else happening around that time. Not sure what else to check.
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