At my university, upload speed is capped at 50kB/s per IP#, not by port. I was wondering if I could, and how, combine two or more ethernet links into one usable connection. I am thinking of this for uses like Bittorrent.
The way i see it working is if i have two eth interfaces, say eth0 and eth1, and then some sort of reverse NAT router, one that would mimic a third ethernet interface. eth0 and eth1 would connect to this third interface, and said device would combine them to make it seem as though all communication went through say "eth2."
On the other side of the issue, perhaps a randomly or sequentially populated routing table would define which real ethernet interface to use when packets are headed out.
And for the cherry ontop, if this is a viable solution (and how, if you know, please), is it further possible for me to use virtual ethernet interfaces such as eth0 and eth0:1 instead of eth0, eth1.
If it helps, my system is at the moment a basic gentoo system.
Tomas O'Brien