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Why does this site favor fedora what features make it better than mandrake or red hat ?
just because it has its own forum doesnt make it any better than redhat or mandrake.

i think that the admin was suppose to setup individual forums for each
distribution but either forgot or hadnt had the time to do it or it was
voted against doing it...

yet exactly the reason to me is unknown..but i think it is because
there was little information, documentation, users of fedora at the time that there was the
need to seperate fedora core information from the rest of the forums.

being that mandrake and redhat has an established system...

yes fedora is the test distribution for redhat enterprise linux
so you really cant say its any worse or better than redhat.
This sight doesnít favor Fedora, if anything, dedicating a section to it is kind of an insult since we deal with problems here.

I wasnít there when they decided to set aside a separate section for Fedora but I would guess it has to do with the uniqueness of the Fedora Project. Since Red Hat reached end of life, Fedora has sort of stepped up as the work station distro, but it used to be the development and testing distro for Red Hat. Which means they would try things out in Fedora first, people would weigh in, make improvements and what not before it gets added into RHEL or Red Hat desktop. This would lead to problems and issues distinct to Fedora, not that other distros donít have their own issues, but Fedora does.

Now with the changing face or Fedora, its probably not as necessary, but there are still plenty of things unique to Fedora, like yeast, that still make it a good idea to have a common thread.

Your right, most of the brass are running Fedora, but a lot of them like Red Hat Enterprise Clones for their servers, and there are many of us running Gentoo as well. In fact, of the Admins and Support Specialist its split pretty even between Gentoo and Red Hat/Fedora/RHEL except Termina who runs Debian/Slackware.

Truth is, all the major distros are good, they each have their pluses and draw backs. Find one you like, and get good with it.
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