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Full Version: Openoffice Temp Files
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Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this sort of thing, I'm really new at all this. I'm running under Fedora Core 2, using OpenOffice to type up a document. After I saved and closed the document I could not find it again, I searched through all the files and all files with extension sxw but still could not find it. I don't know why I lost the file (retrospectively I remember a message came up when it started, slong the lines of "Do you want to recover [someotherfilename].sxw" and I said yes without thinking, which may be the reason).

I have looked through the harddrive (where it was saved) using R-Linux (through Windows 2000; dual boot) and found just and empty file with that name; it had been overwritten.

So my question is does OpenOffice keep any backup copies by default and where does it store them? Or is there another way of recovering the file?

Thanks a lot in advance
I am sorry to say, I think you might be lost on this one. I will dig around for a bit and look, but I am 99% sure you already used your get out of jail free card when you recovered it.

Something went bad durring the save processes. I think your bigger issue now is making sure this doesn't happen again. Try and write some stuff and save it and see if your problem persists, if it does come back and we can go over some stuff, but as for your file, I think its gone.
Oh well, thankyou a lot. I'll have a look at saving files very shortly, thanks for looking into it for me.
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