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Full Version: Can't Login From A Remote Machine
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I run Gnome under Red Hat 7.3. A while ago I deleted my root password (don't ask wink.gif ). Though I have reset my root password, I can't login as root remotely through telnet or ssh sessions anymore. Have I permanently lost this privilege and must I now always login as another account and use "su"?
Wait wait, you deleated your root password and than reset it? So now you can log in as root at the box, but not via ssh? And when you log in as user via ssh you can SU using the new password? Sounds like its just a fluke thing in SSH. You might be able to get it with the ssh config file. I will snoop around a little.
Yeah... I used passwd to delete the root password, so I could login as root without a password (dumb I know). I then used passwd again to set a root password. Even when I login with telnet I can't login as root, but I can su from another username.
Is your root account even there anymore? cat /etc/passwd | grep root

If so, I'm not sure what's up. Look below to know what the line should look like. Otherwise, your root account is gone, time to readd it.
useradd root
passwd root
(pass again)
vi /etc/passwd
(Find root entry, make it look like this:)

Otherwise, have you tried restarting relnet/ssh?
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