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Full Version: Question About Grub
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I know im an idiot but here is my situation. I have win98 and redhat8 on my machine. Each OS is on its own hard drive, win being on the primary hd. Grub is my boot manager. Im planning on putting win2000 on my primary drive, and what im wondering is.... will that wipe out Grub. So I guess really the question is.... is grub on my linux drive or is on my primary win98 hd.
I don't know much about grub, however, always Always ALWAYS ALWAYS make a bootdisk just in case. Windows has a tendancy to wipe out the mbr on your first drive, second drive, and the drive of the computer next door. Always have a failsafe just in case. If it so happens that Windows wipes it out, you can use your boot disk to boot back into linux and set grub up again.
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