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Full Version: User-rights - Maybe An Interesting Problem
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I've been practically all over the net trying to find out. I admit that I'm a linux-newbie, so please don't flame me sad.gif

Problem is this:

I've got a box up with Redhat 7.3 and ProFTPD+Apache+Mysql

ProFTPd gets it's configuration straight from Apache 1.3.x, and does not allow anonymous logins. When a new user is created, it makes the homedir and everything is ready. The same is with an account for the user in MySQL.

Now the user is up, ftp works, the user has access to his own database. The problem is - the user has shell-acces, which i DON'T want to allow.

I've tried setting the login-shell to /sbin/nologin - that only lead to the user being completely shut out from everything sad.gif

Thanks in advance

What is an easy way to set ssh-acces and permissions per-user?
You don't want them using SSH?

Do either of the following:

1) Turn off SSH/SSHD.

2) Add the comment "AllowUsers root blah blah2" near the bottom of your sshd_config file. This means that no one can log in via SSH but root, blah, and blah2

This way only you decide who gets shell access.

Turning off SSH wouldn't be so smart... The server is 200 kilometres away from me... I'll try the other trick...
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