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Full Version: Console In Windows
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At my old place of work, there was this guy who whould log into a linux box remotely from a windows machine... what program did he use and what is the command to login to a remote location? he had some sort of console/terminal/prompt thingy.
I can't tell you what he used. But I can tell you what you could use. Putty works really well as just a CLI ssh client. You put in the address of the machine you want to log into, and you can get a CLI over ssh.

If you want to have a X windows system running to, you need to run a program that will emulate an X windows system, or just install XFree on your windows system. If you want to get into that, just hit up google and dig around. But I can tell you Putty works great for just getting that CLI.

Your probably gonna need help setting up your ssh client on the other side, but thats easy, if you want help, just ask.
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