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I have a pile-o-parts sitting in my living room for a new mid-range box (AMD Athlon XP 2200+), and I'm looking for recommendations for a distro for it. Since they went propriatary, I refuse to use anything coming out of RedHat (and will be removing RH9 from the other machines here when I get a little "free" time - I have no choice using RH Ent on the outsourced business servers), but unfortunately I don't have a lot of experience with anything else, so I have no idea which of the other distributions to use.

I do not need RPMs, am not at all afraid of compiling applications (I tend to compile apps from source even on the RH machines so I get what I want, not what they think is best), but will use them when necessary. Truth is, compiling kernels doesn't much bother me, either. At the same time, I admit to prefering to use tools like Webmin to admin the box, so I don't need to memorize the format of every config file in use. I'm not afraid of work, but I'm pretty lazy, too. ;)

The machine will be used primarily for timed audio recordings (streamed from the Net, timeshifted radio through the sound card, etc.), with a smattering of other small routine tasks that won't interfere with the audio stuff. It will be headless, using VNC from other local machines for control (I have too d*mned many monitors in here already). I'm starting from scratch here (blank drive, clean slate), so there should be no upgrade compatibility issues.

The main thing I expect, really need from a distro, is security warnings...I don't need any RHN-style auto-patch nonsense (don't really like the idea of an external entity scanning my computer and maintaining records of what I install to it, frankly), but would expect pointers to patched source code to update those applications where security holes are found (those I don't use on this machine, sendmail for example, I can simply ignore). Even though the box will be connected to the Net through a NAT gateway/firewall, I still don't want to leave the bad guys any openings to bite me.

I hope to have the machine assembled by the weekend (that spare time thing again), at which time I want to install the OS and begin setting up the machine for its tasks. All recommendations will be greatfully appreciated and carefully considered.
If your only problem is Red Hat is the fact that they are proprietary, than you could use a RHEL clone like Whitebox or Cent. They are essentially the same thing so it will be real comfortable for you if you already know Red Hat.

Otherwise I would suggest Gentoo, its strong and configurable, and loaded with options as far as how littler or how much you want and how little or how much work you want to do to get it. Its one of the better distros out there if you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty.

I would really recomend Whitebox or Cent for you unless you completely want to get away from Red Hat than try Gentoo.
Or you could install Fedora : I am not understanding this proprietary business you are referring too.
That was utter nonsense...that Redhat went proprietry...I am also a hardcore GNU fan...and love free distros(that's why i hate Suse,they pack so much of non free stuff).But to say Redhat has gone prop is too much.All they say is..if you want support ,you have to buy from us.Still you are free to download and use...

Take is a distro that is completely free of any non-free stuff.No prop. soft is packed with it,no strings is all clear and open.And i like it.

But still you have something against Redhat,then you can try out..Slackware,Debian.They are also hardcore completely free distros.
(I know for sure RMS uses Debian.)

But debian is quite may have to upgrade everything.
QUOTE (adam.stokes @ Aug 19 2004, 06:37 PM)
Or you could install Fedora : I am not understanding this proprietary business you are referring too.

Much thanks for the response.

I will not install anything from RedHat; Fedora is simply a beta-test version of Enterprise used for their own benefit and not the benefit of the community, and I disagree strongly with their finding interesting ways of taking Enterprise propritary. (I frankly can't understand how anyone who believes in and contributes to the open-source community could install anything from Red Hat. But that's just me.)

I have no problem whatsoever with them charging for support. I have serious problems with them charging for the operating system itself (Enterprise).

My goal here is not to start a religious argument, however, only to note my personal restriction of not using anything from that particular company. I do not demand anyone else avoid Red Hat, but it's important to note that I am.
QUOTE (Jim @ Aug 19 2004, 04:13 PM)
I would really recomend Whitebox or Cent for you unless you completely want to get away from Red Hat than try Gentoo.

I can see where Whitebox would be faster for me to get up-and-running, but I'm intrigued by the idea of getting completely away from RH. Since this box isn't exactly mission-critical (I mean, it's basically an audio time-shifter), I have a little luxury to get into areas that require a learning curve. The very worst that can happen is I lose a little sleep next week and end up wiping it clean again.

I'm reading the site now...thanks for the pointer!
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