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ok, I have my dhcp/router with RH9 on it... ok, I had it set up as a router before, and know how to get all that working, but this modem I just got for business class roadrunner is also a router and is different. The guy set it up for my computer and since I have a static IP, this one had the same address as the router. here is the way it was set up for my windows box:

I put all this in for the router and nothing.. no internet.. what should I do from here?
BTW, I have a ZyXEL Prestige 964 Cable Router as a modem... if anyone could please help me.. I dont know how to set this up :'(
OK ...

You should use this as the info for your external ethernet card (it is probably right now set for DHCP):

IP Address:
(make sure to set your subnet mask to
You should set the default gateway to

If you don't have a local caching DNS server on your network, you will probably need to change the info in the file /etc/resolv.conf to point to your ISPs new DNS servers ... you should be able to use the same DNS server that is being used on your windows machine.

You should use the same IP that you already are for the internal ethernet card ... probably a 192.168.x.x address. You would leave the default gateway blank on this card.

Both ethernet cards can be changed from the program redhat-config-network.
If there is anything you don't want to publish in your firewall script, send it to me via PM or E-mail and I'll see if anything in there needs to be changed. Sometimes the firewall script defines the internal and external addresses as a variable manually ... others scripts lookup the values dynamically.
Once you have changed the IP's and the firewall script, do:

/etc/init.d/network restart

and restart the firewall script ... or just reboot the PC.
ok, um it only lets me edit eth1? how do I switch to eth0 config???

Also, I decided to just set it up as a dhcp and use the router.. as a router... I removed eth1.. how do I uninstall? it already removed the config for it on the hardware detection on startup, but it still brings up the eth1 interface...

(btw, it currently has the IP of and I cant even ping it on the network)

when I try to ping my widnows desktop, the linux box says "connect: Nerwork is unreachable"
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