Basically what I have done is created a new file on the desktop on fedora 2, I called the file test.myext obvioulsly this isnt a known file extension so what I want to do is make this new extension assosiate with /usr/bin/abiword application.
I done this as follows :

I double clicked test.myext and it says there is know action associated with test.myext so I clicked assosiate application then entered the mime type field as application/x-myext and in the part which requires the path to the application that runs the file I browsed to /usr/bin/abiword and clicked okay. Everything seemed to have worked however when I double click the test.myext file to open it , it tells me again that no application is associated with this file? correct me if im wrong here but I thought thats what I just did? To my understanding I thought that if I associated an application to a file type then when I clicked the new file type it should open with the specified application?.

I no making my own file extension may seem silly , but its not just for that.... the thing is I want to set up various essential files so that they open with various apps apon click.

My knowledge in this area is limited and any help on this would be greatly appreciated