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Full Version: Linux 9.1 Personal And Sbc Dsl How Do I Get Online
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I have a dual OS, Windows XP, and Linux 9.1 Personal. I am trying to figure out how I can get my Linux OS to go online with my sbc dsl. I have been told by sbc that the only thing they could reccomend was "Enternet for Linux" but it says on the site it was prepared for use with redhat5.2. and requires manual set up. Does any one know if there is a easier way. Also I have a compaq presario pc, and the dsl modem I am using is a speedstream 5100, it was supplied by sbc. When I am on my Linux os it does not register that my ethernet port is hooked up like it does when I am on my XP os. Any help I can get would be good.
Which linux 9.1, Slackware, Mandrake?
If you are using Mandrake the Control Center has a wizard for configuring DSL connections. Look at the hardware section of the MCC. Does it show any details for your ethernet port? If not list the make and model. If not known then post the output of the console command:
It is Suse 9.1 I bought it so would it be mandrake?
No. The SuSE configuration tool is called Yast and it should be able to configure a DSL connection. I am not familar enough with SuSE or Yast to walk you through the steps.
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