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So in windows there are tons of things you need to be doing on a regular basis to keep the system running smoothly, I know linux is far superior to windows but I am not so confident that it has shed these things completely. Are there anything I should be doing on a semi regular basis to keep my system tuned up? Like take for instance de-fragmenting my drive?
Nope smile.gif Just keep packages updated to latest security fixes and you're good
Actually there can be few
Just for better HRD Disk managment:
1.Check for duplicate files.
2.Check for dangling soft links.
One thing you can do to your binaries is strip them of debugging info. If you're not a programmer, or you don't plan on doing any debugging, then there's really no need in keeping the debugging symbols.

If you are using a binary distribution such as Redhat or Debian, then chances are, your binaries are already stripped, if not, you can execute the following command to strip them. When I first started with linux, i used to build a lot of my apps from source, but not so much anymore, therefore, I haven't stripped any binaries. As well, I have a much larger hard drive then before, so the space freed by stripping really didn't matter.

Please note that once you perform this, you cannot go back, as well, there have been some reports of malfunctioning binaries after stripping (though I have never seen it personally)

find /{,usr/}{bin,lib,sbin} -type f -exec /usr/bin/strip --strip-debug '{}' ';'
Defrag is not reguired for normal apps or hard drives.

For some things (like an Oracle database), something similar to a defrag is sometimes necessary.

Of the cases where this might benefit you, the procedure is usually to backup/export the info, recreate the storage space and reinstall/import the info. Oracle now makes tools to defragment the tables ... but in my opinion, it is easier to just backup, drop and recreate them.

Ext2 (wouldn't recommend using it), Ext3, ReiserFS, JFS, and XFS are all good file systems. Defragmenting is not normally necessary.
Keep your security updates done!
Cleaning out things like old kernel-source directories in /usr/src is good ... and removing old things from /tmp is sometimes a good thing (but be careful there, especially on a server).
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