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Full Version: Bash: Elf: Command Not Found -- Help!
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I really need your help. I am new to LINUX and do not know the "behind the scenes" of what all the error messages mean yet. I am trying to run several executables that were compiled from *.cpp files. Under the bash shell I get the error "bash: elf: command not found". Under the csh I get the error "too many ('s". I have checked all of the libraries by doing a "ldd <executable>" and all of the libraries exist. I am logged in as root so it shouldn't be a permissions issue either. Please help, thank you.

Are you using the leading `./` before the name of an executable when you're in its directory? For instance, you would just do:


to execute it. It's not like DOS, where you can just type the name of the program.

Thank you for help, that worked. I was trying "source <executable>" to run it. Thanks again.

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