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Full Version: Mandrake 9.1 Server Configuration
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Somebody Help me Please,
I have two server, 1 domain cotroller (W2K AD) DHCP server and the other one is firewall and gateway server I using W2K and Microsoft ISA,
now I really want to change my Firewall server to Linuk Mandrake 9.1, my internet connection using PPPoA service, it have two ethernet ports,one connect to inernet and other one connect to my mandrake 9.1 server.
I already setup mandrake 9.1, one port from my DSL connect to eth0 and eth1 connect to hub for share internet to my client.
But I don't know how to configure.

So would you please give me some cofiguration to make my firewall server with linux as a gateway firewall and share internet to my clients?

I would appreciate for help and for this forum.
Best Regards
Mandrake 9.2 (and 10) contains a program called shorewall that can be setup by a gui tool to share the internet ... I'm not sure if it is in Mandrake 9.1 or not ... try this command as root (from a terminal window in a GUI desktop):

I haven't play with MDK 9.1 for a while. So, I'm doing this from memory.
Click on the Mandrake Control Centre on the TaskBar, you need root level access and MCC has several wizards installed.
Click Internet Connection on the left, this displays several icons on the right window that contains the Gateway, Firewall and Sharing Internet Connection wizards. Configure the NICs by clicking on the Sharing Internet Connection icon and follow the steps.
If you want to use your box as webserver, ftp, ssh, telnet etc you'll need to configure the Shorewall firewall by checking on the check boxes of services you want.
You can configure your server using the Server Wizard. You'll need to install the Server Wizard from one of the ISO disk using Add/Remove packages in MCC.
If you have not install Webmin, then do so (using Add/Remove in MCC). Webmin give you a lot of tools to configure your box i.e. display status of your servers.
Example:You can find out the status of DHCP clients using Webmin. and so on.

Good luck.
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