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Full Version: Gnome Error On Boot
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Suse Linux Pro 9.1

When I boot I'm getting a dialog window which says:

"Could not lookup internet address for x1-6-00-07-e9-5f-74-63"

It may be possible to correct the problem by adding x1-6-00-07-e9-5f-74-63 to the file /etc/hosts

But where do I put this is hosts?

Is it an IP-Address or Full-Qualified-Hostname??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I've been getting "Timeout when trying to execute su" errors. Not sure if this is related.

I think that is an IPV6 address ... and that it is the address ...

use the command:


And see if that is your IPv6 address ... if so, the name will be your machine name.

(Actually, it might not be an IPV6 address ... I'm not sure what the x1 is ... )
The terminal command line contains x1-6-00-07-e9-5f-74-63.

When I run ipconfig I get

bash: ipconfig: command not found

Should I add this to the /etc/hosts file? Also the file is read only, how do I modify?

Sorry, I'm a Linux newbe
it is ifconfig not ipconfig ... ipconfig is a windows command.

in order to modify the file, you have to be the root the terminal window, us the command:

su - root

(then enter your root password)

Then you can issue the command:

gedit /etc/hosts
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