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I have registered using Windows on MSN (as it wouldn't let me when in Linux). I then booted into Mandrake Linux 10 and started GAIM. It lets me log into my AOL Messenger account, but not the MSN Messenger. The error states that the "protocol is not supported".

What should I do to, er, support the protocol?
I'm pretty sure GAIM is specifically for AOL (AIM) messaging. I think there are some other messenger apps out there for linux. I can't think of one off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure there are ones that support all or most of the major messengers. You might search or for IM apps, or maybe even google it.
Hey Gaim does support msn but u need the latest version with the changes that microsoft made. Either that or i use amsn, its really similar to the real msn and best ive found so far.

heres the link

amsn homepage


Thanks guys. GAIM does AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, IRC, Jabber, Napster, Zephyr, and Gadu-Gadu all at once. Just not for me!

I've now got AMSN on installed and working. Many thanks for the link.
As a side note, if you really like the layout of Microsoft MSN Messenger, then you can give AMSN, I have been using this client in Windows and Linux for a while, and I find it quite nice (it actually looks better in Windows though).
AMSN works fine. I wanted to use one with all protocols really, as I know some who use MSN and some on AOL. As long as it works though, as it does at the moment, I am happy. I might look at a newer version of GAIM or similar later on.
GAIM changes whenever Yahoo!, MSN, or AOL change their protocol ... I think version 0.81 is the latest right now. Most distros that carry gaim also have updates for it....
Thanks. I will give it a go.
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