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Full Version: Having Trouble Burning Iso
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new to linux here and i cant seem to make a bootable CD. ive tried everything i can think of but still no luck

i have 3 mandrake linux iso's downloaded but im stuck, any help is appreciated, thanks.

[seeing 19 people view my post and not one person offer a sliver of advice is a great indication of the attitudes of linux-literate individuals toward new users, thanks.]
What application are you using to create the CDs? If using XP you can not burn the CDs correctly by drag and droping the file. Nor can you create a bootable CD by extracting the files first. You can down load a ISO burning application from Microsoft if you do not have Roxio or Nero.

After the CDs are created what do you see when viewed, a bunch of files and directories or just a single iso file?

To create CDs
To verify the ISO files were downloaded correctly.

BTW Posting in the correct forum might get better results. This probably should of gone in the Technical Support forum instead. Maybe an admin will move it.
smithaj86, do not feel offended or yelled at but the comment you made about people not responding to your post is a bit too sarcastic and out-of place; here are some points for you to consider and make your forum and Linux experience more enjoyable for you and other forum members.

1. As michaelk noted, questions like this should be posted in Technical Support section.
2. Your post is pretty vague. Writing "tried everything I can think of" is not very informative. What did you try? What was the output of your effort (twhere there any messages? did you get the discs burnt but your PC will not boot when using them?). So next time, try to be more precise in describing your problems, include your distribution and the computer''s hardware configuration. Everybody here is a volunteer, nobody gets paid for reading posts and answering them; at the same time, we all have jobs, families and chores to do and sometimes people who read your post will not have time to try to guess the details that you did not include.
3. I would say that getting a reply in less than 8 hours after your original post is a pretty good response. Maybe someone read your post and is doing research on the problem, googling like crazy to help you out while you complain about nobody replying. Believe me, those guys here are very knowledgeable, friendly and patient and you do not want to alienate them by being impatient and sarcastic. Give them some respect for doing what their work here.

Please keep the above in mind when posting. We are here to help one another and if you do not give up, one day you will be helping out other newbies.

Good luck in your Linux adventures.


This board is very nice to new people ... we have 9 people who we consider staff (admins and tech support specialists) and many other people who try to help.

It could be that every one of the 19 views were other users who had your problem, looking for a solution.

I usually check the board at least once or twice a day and answer questions ... and I normally spend at least 4 hours a day researching and providing answers to new users on this board.

If you want REAL service, guaranteed, please buy RedHat Enterprise linux and pay $2500.00 per year to get all your questions at least researched within 4 hours.

Otherwise, be happy that someone takes the time to answer your questions.

People like you, who expect everything for free and right now, make me wonder why I spend so much time researching and answer questions in the first place.

Please learn some manners mad.gif
I moved this from General Discussion to Technical Support.
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