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okay so heres my problem, and yes i really really need help.

i have a a Toshiba Libretto 100CT. i bought it in a garage sale for a madd hott price. it came with windows 95 preinstalled and it has pcmcia support and a port extender. i then bought a panasonic kxl-783a cd rom drive. i was never able to get the driver to work and shortly after i bought it, windows lost a critical file and refused to boot up. now the only option i have is to use DOS.

I bought the cd rom drive in the hopes of installing red hat 7.1 and now that i dont have windows 95, i dont have cd rom support or network support now that i am in dos and i am desperate to get redhat on there, i cant remove the hard drive,

what can i do, someone please help me, im a student and as soon as school starts, i have to put the computers away!

Please send help!!!

-that one guy
It has been awhile since I've played with 7.1. You will need to create a floppy boot disk and possibly a driver floppy. If you view the 1st install CD there are two directories /dosutils and /images. The /dosutils directory contains the rawrite.exe (DOS version ) and, or rawritewin (windows version) for creating the floppies. The /images directories contain the files used to create the disks. There should be readme files that briefly explain the files. Hopefully you have a floppy disk drive.

Here is the documentation.
I appreciate all of your input, however, i do not have a floppy drive. let me give you more sight towards my problem.

being the piece of garbage ( i hope you forgive my bias ) that windows 95 is, it lost the vmm32.vxd memory manager file. i used a method of extraction to rebuild all of the memory files i lost but it still didnt work.

i appreciate everything and if you have any idea how to fix this without a floppy drive, i would appreciate it.
You have to be able to use something to get files onto the system ... either by removing the hard drive and putting files on it in another computer, having a cdrom that works, or a floppy that works.

Is it possible to get this to boot from the CDROM instead of the hard drive?


If none of that is possible, you can use a network connection to install linux from within windows 95 ... but it is not very easy to do.
unfortunately, not even windows 95 would run the cd rom drive, i have the dos drivers but they never worked.

I think i might have made a big step forward.

i now know how to remove the hard disk, however, the screw holding the disk in place has a stripped head, i may be able to succesfully remove it, if so, how could i install linux through another computer, is there a special 2.5" - 3.5" ide adapter?

i could get a hold of another pc.



p.s. i am using the publishers edition of RH7.1
Yes there is an adaptor for a 2.5" drive.
To ease the install swap the drives with the other computer. This way there will not be any issues with the bootloader configuration. I would also use grub as the boot loader which should be the default with Redhat.
I am writting a guide right now on how do to that. I will try to brush it up a little and post the raw draft tonight. Otherwise here is a thread that you could get some info out of.

Installation with out a CD drive
Thanks much.

i am interested in buying a 2.5" - 3.5" adapter

if i had the notebooks drive connected to the computer, i would have to have the driver (or would the bios make it work)

would it be possible to have my previous (20gb) drive attached and then use disk druid to partition to the 2.5" disk?

(i ask this because the other drive has win2k and already has the driver installed.

thanks again.
unless that PC is an old machine with an outdated BIOS, you should not have any problems hooking up your notebook hard drive to it;

having both drives inside is not a good idea; when you install Linux, it will write the bootloader for 2-drive system and you notebook drive will not boot when installed back in the laptop;

which leads to the following: if themacuser installs Linux when the drive is in another PC, then all the device drivers and system setttings will be configured for that PC and is it going to work when he moves the drive back to the laptop? At the risk of being labelled as Cassandra, I can sense that we may open an ugly box of worms here. Not that we will not help out to solve all the problems, I just want to find out what to expect.

thanks much.

i have found a lengthy, yet helpful procedure to help replace this vxd file, so far, ive had no luck, but ill keep working at it,

i cant thank you all enough.

Hello Again,

It's been a while since i last posted and i have a question.

Lately ive been talking to my father about turning my hard disk over to a local computer store. There, they would put the hard drive in one of their computers and dump the files from the install c.d. to my hard drive. This would mean that the computer would have to have another hard disk to boot from so they could get into windows and transfer the files. Would this be possible? If they plug my hard disk into their computer, would it automatically show up under the "My Computer" icon?

Thanks much

The mac user

If you take a drive from one computer and have it as a secondary drive on another computer, you can copy files to and from the drive.
Thanks a lot.

I have piled up enough for an adapter and I'm going to try the swap. I'm going to do it thru my apple though. It can read DOS partitions and so it should mount automatically. I'm more confident using a computer I'm more familiar with. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to keep an active DOS partition because i program a lot. I'm trying to work out a GUI for the FreeDOS project. Success so far, but i have to use Microsoft QuickBasic which requires DOS. Rats.

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