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Full Version: Onboard Lan Issues
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alright, well this is a continuation from the other thread. here is my original post:
|| hello. i am just starting to learn linux, with the linux for dummies book biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif and well i changed my mind after installing linux, to install windows 98, and so i tried, and it gave me some normal windows errors, and then i was like, hey i wanna install linux back on, but then when i did this time, it gave me some errors about bad configurations for my lan port on my mother board (VIA-KT600-A with integrated lan (i have no clue which brand, and i have the support cd, but when i click setup.exe to start the setup, GNOME wants me to associate with a program, and i have no clue what to do tongue.gif !!!) and so yeah, i guess my problem is just how to get my lan working again. and possibly help on associating the program thing so it runs setups. (Sorry i am such a noob, but ya gots to start somewhere, right???) any help is appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!! ||

and i think the brand is ECS ELITEGROUP (at least that is what is the biggest name on the box is) The error i got was about a configuration issue with my onboard lan, and now it won't even see it or let me configure eth0 when i install linux again. I have fedora core 1 for my linux. My setup is MB:VIA-KT600-A with integrated lan, VGA: Geforce 2 MX (but is gunna get replaced) HD: Western Digital 80G HD @7200 rpms. 512DDR 3200 memory, and a dvd player. Again, any help, greatly appricieated biggrin.gif
You will need open up a console window. Look at the taskbar on the bottom of the screen. Look for a icon that looks like a monitor. If you move the mouse over that icon it will display terminal ... Click the mouse on this icon and the terminal display open up. Now type in the commands.
su -
At the password prompt enter the password for root.

modprobe via-rhine

If the command works you will not see any messages. You should be able to configure networking. The command is:

When your finished you can type in exit to quit su.

And like I posted before linux does not work with windows setup files.
ok, i'll try screwing with this a while, hopefully it works. thanks for helping me smile.gif greatly appreciated!!

"And like I posted before..." i am a noob wink.gif tongue.gif blink.gif unsure.gif
every one of us was a noob at some time. All of the staff and most of the users on this board are very friendly to new users ... keep at it and you will be much the better for learning Linux.
haha, yeah i hope so smile.gif
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