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Full Version: Noob Question. Mounting Fat Drive For User
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Dear all,

Noob question again. I can't get my user accounts to read a FAT32 drive.

I've tried changing the permissions on the /mnt/windoze directory but it doesn't change anything at all (any idea why?). It shows rwxr--r-- for the drive. However, if I unmount the drive, the permission goes to rwxr-xr-x. Why is this so?

My second step is to edit the fstab file. Instead of default, I replaced it with noauto,users,exec,dev,suid. Then I logged in with the user account and tried to mount it - says 'only root can mount'.

So basically, I'm stuck. Should be an easy problem for you guys.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks! wink.gif
try replacing "defaults" with "umask=0000" in your fstab;

my fstab line for the FAT32 partition looks like this:

/dev/hdb6               /linwin                 vfat    umask=0000        0 0

and it works fine

good luck


Use auto instead of noauto ... and and maybe do this (which will mount the partition when you boot the PC):
/dev/hdb6               /linwin                 vfat    auto,defaults,umask=0000        0 0

I used lesio1974's eaxmple ... obviously, you would use your device and mount point
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