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Full Version: Weirdest Problem Ever!
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OK, go figure!

I have Suse 9.0 installed. After instalation network interface worked. Next day when turned on my computer, I could not ping anything but my own IP. I checked hardware: OnLine LED on my broadcom (bcm4400 module) integrated controler was off. Network services started normaly (lo and eth0). I checked lsmod. bcm4400 is present and used (by them, I suppose).

Then I downloaded and compiled sources for bcm4400.o and replaced original bcm4400.o module. Still no LED indication.
After that I changed my IP in yast2. Some time after that I noticed LED was ON. I checked PINGing: it worked.
I rebooted. Haha, no LED, no network response again.

Ethernet controler failer, you would say! Naaaaa! I have windowsXP on same disk, and networking works fine. I also tried installing another PCI ethernet adapter, 3Com. Yast2 recognised it and configured it. But no network response from it in linux.

I noticed this problem after I updated BIOS on my A7V8X motherboard. I downloaded newest version. No progress.

This morning network worked, until I restarted machine into windowsXP. Since then I cannot bring my network to live. Kernel believes that hardware is OK, but as I wrote, no LED is on, as it should be.

Any idea?

Do you have firewall setup?
your cable might be failing

It cannot be firewall, becouse until recently exactly the same configuraton worked. Besides, hardware does not start correctly: no LEDS indicating traffic/connetcion.

Cable is fine: networking in windowsXP works well with it.

It must be either driver (but I dwownloaded and installed newest version) or somwhere mismatched linux configuration (how could that happend without my intervention?).
I don't know what version of the driver you have, but there are problems with that driver on SUSE 9.

Here is a fairly new source RPM for that drive specifically for SUSE 9. Don't know if it will help.

Are there no errors in either dmesg or /var/log/messages?
It was driver. This time I took it from Broadcom homepage, not ASUS. It worked immediatly.
THX anyway...
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