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Full Version: Autologin As Root
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Since I'm all about Anti-Security on the home network (You know, we have no big international secrets here), I want to set up the local Linux machine to AutoLogin, yet in the panel, the only Autologin option seems to be "Nobody", the account that... well... nobody uses.

I've got to figure out some way to force Root to appear on that menu, or to get root's account to Auto-login by itself in some other way, in Mandrake 10.0. Suggestions?
It might be possible to make Root be able to auto login ... but I can't figure out how. I searched the web and tried to make it work ... I can't figure out how. (Not that I would do it in a million years ... and I recommend that you don't do it either ... but it's your PC, not mine smile.gif )

The reason nobody is the only user is you haven't created another account... if you were to create another user account, that would also show up as an option.

You can load Mandrake Control Center as a non-root user ... it just asks for a password first. So you can do normal root funtions as a non-root user.

You can also open a terminal window and do the command:

su - root

enter a password and do any terminal stuff as root in that window...

Then you can make that user (the new one you create) AutoLogin ... and for the vast majority of things, you won't have to login ... but for Mandrake Control Center and a root terminal, you will.

As I said ... If Mandrake 10 will allow root to show in the autologin menu ... I couldn't figure out how to do it.

One other reason you REALLY don't want ROOT to be able to autologin ... If someone figures out how to make your system display a remote xdcmp screen ... it might be logged in as root, which I bet you don't really want wink.gif
I got this working once, it was a pain in the !@$. Feel free to follow the thought process by reading the post:

let me know where you get stuck.
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