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Full Version: New - But Unafraid
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Hi everyone --

I'm pretty new to linux, and of course this is my first post here. I usually like to read readme's because if I don't do it myself how am I gonna learn? Right.

But I tweak and try things constantly - and of course even reading manuals and readme's looses lots of appeal when I need quick answers, or, as is sometimes the case -- the readme expects me to be far more saavy than I am.

Today I have a problem. My own fault, but I need advice.

I installed apache 1.3.31 on my box from source. I also installed MySql. Upon downloading and attempting to install php I realized there was a string I forgot to include for setting apache up to work with php. I should've done:
./configure ...blah blah blah ---but I didn't.

So now I cannot install php. SO -- SHould I just install the mandrake rpm for apache 2 along with the php module? THat would be an easy fix that I don't really want to do.

I could also re-install apache 1.3.31, ey?

Also, the install went well for mysql -- I installed webmin and I used that to set up apache (minimally) and check the mysql server.... but afterwards I tried to install krecipe, which needs mysql (or similar database). During the config part I was informed that it could not find mysql. THis is a problem. In windows setting an app in the system path was easy -- is that what I need to do here? I need to let my proggys know that MySql is really installed.

So, how do I do that?

I have been running mandrake 10 for about 3 weeks now -- this last install is the one I will keep. All the other installs were for breaking and fixing (and some lame frustrating attempts) but this one I will keep. I don't want to back it up just yet (can I really use webmin for that?)

A caveat: I added and compiled a new kernel. That was cool! I'm pretty comfortable with the command line and even fixed some issues with x and kde! BUt alas, I AM still quite the noob and undoubtedly will ultimately ask some noob questions.

Like -- must I do make uninstall in order to uninstall proggys I compile myself? In order to uninstall it.

With that I will end this first post. I thank you for your assistance and hope to offer my own in short time.

If you want to install Apache, MySQL and PHP from scratch, check out this thread:

It is on debian ... but most eveything is extremely similar.
Thanks for the tip

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